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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ladies’ Day

I was very honoured to be invited to attend the City of London Ladies’ Day yesterday with my good friend Wesley Kerr.
The day started for me with a tour of the Chingford Hub where Butler's Retreat and the new Visitor Centre are nearing completion of a Heritage Lottery Fund project and will be opening early 2012. Both sites are located next to the Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, built in 1543. This unique and very historical site situated on the outskirts of Chingford has the most marvellous views of Epping Forest from the second floor of Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge.  The original purpose of the building was designed to allow guests to view the hunt or to participate with the aid of a crossbows from this high vantage point. Access is free.
Ladies’ Day traditionally paid thanks to the wives of elected members and staff with a celebratory luncheon, acknowledging their dedication to Epping Forest.  It is now the high point of the Epping Forest annual social calendar. This long established event celebrates the achievements of the committee of Epping Forest and awards from the previous year while thanking all those involved. 
It was a lovely day, with fabulous weather, wonderful food and great company.

 Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge, built in 1543
New Visitor Centre under redevlopment by Contrators Bolt & Heeks 

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