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Monday, 26 September 2011

Open House

Myddelton House Gardens opened the front door of the main house for the annual Open House day on 18th September. The doors opened at 10am. Members of the E. A. Bowles of Myddelton House Gardens Society were stewarding within each room of the of the ground floor. It is a wonderful opportunity for visitors to view the property and to see exactly how Mr Bowles had the house with the aid of photographs and text. It brings alive what is now essential offices and meeting rooms for the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority with tales and anecdotes from members of the Bowles Society members.

Nearly 400 members of the public passed through the house. I greeted visitors whilst also promoting the heritage variety potatoes we are selling. A total of 27 2.5kg bags of potatoes were sold during the day.

This event alway proves to be a good opportunity to talk to people regarding membership of the E A Bowles of Myddelton House Society and to explain the benefits of becoming a member. For more information on membership please click on the link below which will direct you to their website.

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