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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Prize Money

Last week the gardens exhibited plant material at the Royal Horticultural Society Autumn Flower Show held at their halls in Westminster. We believe last year was the first year we had entered the competition since Mr Bowles' death. This year we won two first places, two second places and a fourth with the prize money coming to an astounding £32! This is double last years winnings.

The Lawrence Hall

The Lindley Hall

It is very enjoyable staging exhibits. Although saying that on this occasion, to ensure the material was fresh, I was collecting plant material at 5am on the morning of the show. I was armed with a head torch, a pair of secateurs and long-handled pruners and was expecting the neighbour to call the police at any moment after seeing lights flickering though the trees and shrubs.

Sternbergia lutea

Colletia paradoxa

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