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Saturday, 6 August 2011

A bit of a quandary

I have been in a bit of a quandary as to exactly when to plant our deciduous Rhododendron luteum and Hydrangea paniculata cultivars along the driveway. We purchased the plants last autumn ready for spring planting. Due to drought hitting the southeast of England, combined with our sharp draining soil, we were forced to delay planting until the autumn. That was, until recently, when I changed the plan. In light of the much needed rains we have experienced as well as the continuing necessity of up righting these top heavy pots I decided to plant them now. The planting has already made an impact on the entrance of the gardens.

The idea was to improve the impact visitors are greeted with upon arriving at Myddelton House Gardens. This area from September through to the end of March offers a wonderful display of autumn crocus colchicums, early flowering daffodils and spring crocus, before being allowed to grow on before being cut back and maintained as a mown area.

Rhododendron luteum

Bryan & Nereida planting, the hard gravely ground has brought Bryan to his knees!

The new plantings were well watered, feed with a granular feed and mulched

I hope the spectacular panicles on the hydrangea will greatly improve the feeling of arrival when you enter the garden. The Royal Horticultural Society Hydrangea paniculata bulletin is a great source of information on selecting and cultivation of this most beautiful of shrubs.

Rhododendron luteum has to be my favourite early flowering Rhododendron offering such a splash of colour in spring and again with its autumnal tints.

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