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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I passed!

I am sorry that i have not been blogging recently but I have been busy working towards my full motorcycle licence.

I successfully passed my the test at the end of February. This is something I have been putting off for nearly two and half years during the restoration of the garden. Once I had passed my motorcycle theory test in December, however, it was all go.

I had three days of one-to-one training with the instructor through all the heavy snow and ice in February. The fourth day was the big day - the test! The first part of the test is an off-road section testing slow-speed manoeuvres and emergency stops as well as the swerve manoeuvre. This needs to be passed before the second part, the road ride. I was so upset when on the fourth day the test was cancelled as the snow had not melted from the Enfield test centre. I had been willing it to melt the entire week, and had even considered a stealth night-time gritting mission at the test centre. The tests were cancelled, and another booked for a week later.

Anyway with that behind me and two minor marks across the two tests I am now able to go out on the open road. So watch out for the 'two-wheeled plant doctor' in an area near you. I do have the green flashing lights for all plant-based emergencies!

This is my Suzuki 650 Bandit

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