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Thursday, 26 April 2012

An Aerial View

Earlier this year we felled our large Paulownia tomentosa (foxglove tree) which stood on the Tulip Terrace. Last year we needed to remove a substantial branch and it was while undertaking this work we were able to examine the full extent of the tree's decline. 
Paulownia is a relatively fast growing and short-lived tree. It's fast growth habit and pithy centre makes any cavities potential habitats for bats. Therefore, following a full aerial bat survey and the ok given, the tree was dismantled section by section ensuring we did not damage the surrounding planting or stone work. We will be planting a replacement specimen this autumn maintaining it as a 1.5m high pollarded tree, pruned back annually to promote its vigorous growth and large leaves. This is however, at the expense of flowers. This gave us the opportunity to take some interesting aerial photographs of the kitchen garden from the cherry-picker.

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