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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fossilised Tree

While at one of our local suppliers, purchasing 17 dumpy bags of buff coloured chipping for a new project, I mentioned to the owner I was interested in some of the large stone aggregate and asked if he had any unusual items.  

He replied "have you seen the fossilised tree trunk?". We quickly went to see the large fossil and I just knew we had to add it to our collection of curios. This will be our second  fossilised/petrified tree in the garden.

The first was acquired by Mr Bowles following its discovery during the excavation of the King George V Reservoir at Chingford in 1937. Mr Bowles placed the tree trunk in the stone garden. The latest section has been installed in the new glasshouse range, next to our Encephalartos. We have also placed a section of Hertfordshire Pudding stone next to it. Unfortunately we don't have any details about the fossil other than it appear to have been polished on one side and end.

Bryan watering in our latest planting in the glasshouse

The first fossilised tree trunk in the Stone Garden

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