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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Our New Arrivals

Last October saw the untimely death of our eight chickens following a midday visit from our resident fox. These urban burglars are consistently checking to wait for us to restock. 

On Tuesday we went and collected six point-of-lay pullets, three pairs of the breeds: Speckled, Black Rock and Leghorn.

We have increased our security for those dull days when the garden visitors are low and the fox may want to try its luck. We have built an inner sanctum, which allows the chickens to come out of their penthouse accommodation into a 3.6m x 2m wired enclosure.

The penthouse 

The car journey home all boxed up individually 

The inner sanctum, partly built, and on the way to the chicken enclosure
Many hands make light work

The first chicken to venture out of the house (Leghorn)


  1. Will you have one named Foghorn as well?

  2. In River Cottage, Hugh mention that human hear can keeps them away.