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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Scary Business

The hanging, unloved CDs have become, it would seem, an essential part of any allotment or vegetable garden to scare the unwanted attention of these 'feathered friends' from eating our seeds and cabbages.

What did we do, however, before the invention of these shiny discs?

In search of an alternative to scarecrows, CDs or bird tape, Nicola discovered references to a Victorian bird-scarer made from feathers and a potato which was hung by string from a pole.

After a successful trial last autumn of scaring birds and entertaining foxes with these new bird deterrents we needed to find an alternative this spring to our heritage variety potatoes, which are valuable and short-lived.

A broken brush handle cut down into 150mm (6") lengths and with small holes made by a wood drill bit down either side to allow for the feather to be pushed in.

James in surgery

To allow the bird to be hung, drill one hole halfway along to allow the bird to balance when hung.

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